I've owned an embroidery machine for a decade now, and achieving a clean embroidery result in my sewing projects has always been a challenge. Understanding how to get the best result with the right fabric, thread, backing, and machine settings can be daunting, especially for an amateur embroiderer.

Even after mastering these aspects, creating a clean vector design for importing into the machine remains a hurdle when you have a custom idea in mind.

To simplify this process, I created Broiderer. Many embroidery file editing and creation software are outdated and not Mac-friendly. Broiderer, on the other hand, is accessible directly in the browser without requiring installation. The goal is for it to act as a bridge between highly specialized (and often expensive) softwares, and the basic editing options within the machine.

For now the version 1.0 of Broiderer is completely free to use without a subscription, but the features are limited. As the software is in its early stages, I welcome any recommendations for additional features or bug reports.

Feel free to contact me at